Fourth of July Weekend

This year the Fourth of July fell on a Tuesday which meant… drum roll please…. a five day weekend!!!

On Thursday, we celebrated my sister’s promotion with our friend Cassey. First stop was our neighborhood go to Mexican restaurant El Gordo. I was first introduced to this restaurant through my sister Tabitha. This is her favorite Mexican restaurant and now it is also mine. Affordable prices, big serving sizes, and authentic flavors. What more could you ask for?

Afterwards, we headed to logan square, my favorite neighborhood to hang out in. We visited Lost Lake, a cute tiki bar in Logan Square.  We were guided to the back to a room with sofas and wooden stumps for chairs/a table. I was excited to try the drinks. The presentation of the drinks were beautiful and inviting. I always say it is not where you are but who you are with. However, I must admit the atmosphere of the bar helped to cultivate an enjoyable night.

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Afterwards, we walked through Logan Square to another bar called the Walk-in. This was my first time here. It is a chill bar to go to if you just want a couple drinks and to play darts. It was rather empty when we got here. All the tables were empty but the bar stools were filled. We played darts and just had a good time. I tried a Malort shot, I’m not sure if that is how you spell it. A Marlort is a shot you can only get in Chicago. In the 20-something years I have lived here I never heard of it.  It was a fun way to end a Thursday.

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On SaturdayI went to Six Flags Great America with Tabitha and my cousin Hana. My Tio Jose generously bought our tickets. I have not gone to Six Flags in about two years. The last time I went the lines were outrageous and the wait for every ride was about 1-2 hours. This time there were a lot less people. We were able to go to Hurricane Harbor and ride most roller coaster rides by 7 pm. We started at Hurricane Harbor, a fun water park until lunch time. Then we headed to the theme park. My favorite rides included Vertical Velocity, Raging Bull, and Superman. My least favorites, ones I do not recommend, were the Demon and Batman. They both were boring and gave me the biggest headache. We ended the day with a carousel ride.

On Sunday, I celebrated one of my closest friends Lucya’s birthday on a river/lake cruise. We got a small boat, some drinks, snacks, and music. It was a nice relaxing day. I would definitely do it again with a small group of people. The boat ride lasted two hours from 7-9 pm. They have a groupon for these boats for less than $200, which is very affordable when split between a group of 12.  Afterwards we headed to Park & Field. This was my first time here. It’s a cute bar. We sat outside first and made s’mores using the fire pits that are outside. We also ate chili, fries, and mac and cheese. The chili was so delicious, I want to come back just for that. To the left of the fire pits you can play Bocce ball but we did not get a chance to play. The we went inside and played Cards Against Humanity.  Afterwards, we went to Lazo’s Tacos, a 24-hour restaurant that is our go to after a night of drinking because who doesn’t get munchies after drinking?

On Monday, I went for a walk through trails at the Dupage Forest Preserve. My mother, Titi Rosa, and I decided that we were going to do more hiking this summer. First on the list was going to see the Waterfall Glen at the Dupage Forest Preserve. In an article written by Thrillist, this waterfall looked beautiful. So we walked three miles to the waterfall expecting a beautiful waterfall. Let’s just say we were extremely disappointed. It was a very small water fall and there was not much water. However, the hike was good exercise and enjoyable time with my fun mother and aunt.

On Tuesday, Fourth of July!!!! Any time with my family is a good time!! We always do a BBQ and our own fireworks. To eat, we had arroz con gondules (Puerto Rican rice), grilled chuletas (pork chops), grilled chicken, and grilled pinchos (a Puerto Rican pork kabob). We drank, danced, and ate until the sun went down. Then, it was time for the fun to begin. We all went to the ally and started to blow up fireworks. As for me, I am terrified of those things so I just stuck to sparklers and roman candles. Overall, it was a fun way to celebrate the fourth!


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