Whirlyball – Chicago

Our party playing Whirlyball

I went to Whirlyball in Chicago to celebrate my college roommate’s 26th birthday. Although I’ve heard about this place, this was my first time visiting. Whirlyball offers laser tag, bowling, and the main event…… WHIRLYBALL!!! Our party only played Whirlyball at this location and it was extremely fun! Now let me break down what Whirlyball is for those who never heard of it. Basically you ride in a bumper car, while using a scoop (something that looks like a shorter lacrosse stick), to try and grab a whiffle ball, and score on the opposite team. The court was rented for one hour and we played 5 10-minute games were played. Afterwards we ate pizza and nachos, which tasted good to me but I was buzzed at this point so I may not have been the best judge of food. Overall, I will definitely be returning in the near future.

Myself, Bernie (Birthday Girl), and Sara

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